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How to use the calculator

Before you begin using the calculator, here are a few tips and instructions.  The calculator is preloaded with an example.  There are several action buttons.
"Enter New Project inputs" will clear all of the fields and you can enter new data.
"Recalculate" will launch the calculator with your input data.
"Reload Sample Project" will reload the example.
"Save Project" will let you save this data.  You give it a title and click on Save.
"Saved Projects" will bring up a listing of all your saved projects.  You can sort it by clicking on the column headings.  Select the saved project of your choice, and click on the small box with a pencil to reload it, or click on the red X to delete it.
The Forward Buying Calculator also has two separate buttons for the "Control Values" like inventory carrying cost to "Save as my Default Settings" and "Reload my Default Settings".  Use those so you do not have to reload those on every new FB project.
You must be a paid subscriber to Save Projects and reload Saved Projects.


EOQ Calculator Input Output
Project Name Sample_EOQCalculator
Annual Demand in Units *
Item Cost Per Unit *
Inventory Carrying Cost Rate * %
Handling Cost Per Order *
Standard Deviation of Forecast %
Unit Quantity for Discount
Unit Cost at Discounted Qty
Or Discount %
Round Orders Qty?
EOQ in Units w/o Discount
EOQ in Dollars w/o Discount
EOQ Order Interval Days w/o Discount
EOQ Units with Qty Discount
EOQ Dollars with Qty Discount
EOQ Order Interval W/Qty in Days
Overall Optimum Order Quantity in Units
Overall Optimum Order in Dollars
Overall Optimum Order Interval in Days
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